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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Menang tapi tak bergaya. Ape jadah?!!

Walaupun gua punye gembira MU menang sampai tahap tepuk meja, tapi gua ade rase sikit terkilan. Game play MU tak best mane pun. Bahagian atas selalu kosong. Valencia kaku. Patut Alex Ferguson cium tangan Diaby abis game semalam.

Memang dah sampai masa gua hantar resume ke Old Trafford!

"One down at half-time it's always an uphill task against a team of Arsenal's capabilities. We had to dig deep and I think in fairness we really did perform well in the second half. Last season we lost four points to Arsenal...six to Liverpool. You have to try to correct these things as best you can." -Alex Ferguson-

"We go home with no points and that is very frustrating. When you play like that to go home with no points is very difficult to accept. But I'm very positive because we showed great quality. Our performance is very encouraging for the future and there are more positives than negatives from today's game." -Wenger-


Emblem of Purity said...

Hantar resume nak jadi pemotong rumput ke apa ni? :P

Bobo Brazil said...

pembancuh air tonik